Hand & Wrist

Treating carpal tunnel syndrome with a single portal endoscopic technique leaving very little scarring.  This minimally invasive technique allows for less pain following surgery and a quicker return to work.

Less common than carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome can be effectively treated with non-operative treatment for mild cases and surgical intervention for more severe cases.

Treating Dupuytren’s Disease using the latest techniques including Xiaflex ( a collagenase office injection).  The treatment will be customized to the patient’s need whether it be a Xiaflex (collagenase) injection, needle aponeurotomy, or formal surgical intervention.

Fixing distal radius fractures using the latest in volar plating techniques allows for a more anatomic repair and quicker return to full function.

Providing advanced percutaneous screw fixation techniques for scaphoid fractures will allow for minimal scarring with solid fixation of the fracture.

For the finger that just gets “stuck” there are various treatment options for trigger finger, including cortisone injections, percutaneous trigger release, and the standard trigger release.

Whether the ganglion cyst is located near the finger tip or on the wrist there are various treatment options including observation, aspiration, and surgical excision.

Skier’s thumb is a common injury to the thumb that can be repaired if seen acutely.  For those injuries which are seen months after the injury, a reconstruction using a graft can also be performed.