At Austin Orthopedic Specialists, our mission is to provide the best comprehensive orthopedic care for our patients.

Whether it is carpal tunnel syndrome, a bunion, or an ACL tear, we have a specialist who can tend to your needs.

Austin Orthopedic Specialists not only provides experienced care but we also give our patient the latest in orthopedic care.  We provide academic education to Texas State University and Southwestern Medical School as well as orthopedic coverage for Texas State University, Austin Aztex Pro Soccer, Lake Travis Cavaliers, and the USTA.

We are well trained in the latest technologies.  Patients with Dupuytren’s Disease can now be treated nonoperatively with Xiaflex injections, and those with carpal tunnel syndrome can undergo a one incision endoscopic carpal tunnel release.  PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections are also provided for patients with rotator cuff injuries, tennis and golfer’s elbow, and knee injuries.  The latest techniques are used for bunion surgery which can allow correction with minimal pain.